Building Social and Emotional Skills

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“Building Social and Emotional Skills” cards offer a variety of techniques and activities to build and support those personal qualities that lead to goal setting, planning, perseverance and teamwork.



Because there is never enough time to do professional development with your staff, the “Social Emotional Learning” Spark Deck provides 52 easy ideas to build staff competence in implementing activities that support youth in developing SEL skills, while staff are on-the-job.

Designed to be used in afterschool and summer programs, the activities are appropriate for grades K-8.  Hand a card out at the beginning of program time, and ask your staff to implement one of these meaningful activities that build SEL skills!  Categories in this deck include Interpersonal Skills, Growth Mindset, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Self-Awareness.

Some examples from this deck:

  • Ask youth to share a song they like listening to when they are feeling sad.  Why do they like that song?  How does it make them feel better?
  • When a youth comes to you with a problem, before suggesting a solution, ask them to brainstorm a few ways they think they might be able to solve the problem.
  • Play “Would You Rather,” asking youth to choose between two options (these can be silly or serious).  For example, “Would you rather be famous but poor, or rich but unknown?”

At the end of program time, check-in with your staff to see if they were able to try out the activity.  If they tried it, how did it go?  What did they learn?  What did their group learn?  If it didn’t work today, try it again tomorrow.  What could they change to make it work better?  You can use the Spark Decks Journal Page to help with this!


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