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“I really [liked] talking about and thinking of certain kids and what works and doesn’t. It took a load off of [the] defeat that I sometimes feel and gave me hope for another day to get through.” 

Workshop Participant

“It’s very applicable in the right now. It allowed me to verbalize specific skills I’d like to have my students develop throughout the year.”

Workshop Participant

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Spark Decks offers hands-on workshops for supervisors, educators, and parents/caregivers, providing tested strategies for using Spark Decks and micro-practices to build skills and improve personal and professional efficacy.
We’ll work with you to design a workshop or series that best meets your needs.  To talk with us about workshops, including discounted Spark Decks for workshop participants, contact Eva at eva@spark-decks.com or Oscar at oscar@spark-decks.com.

Workshops for
Supervisors and Site Coordinators

Our leadership workshops will help you learn how to integrate Spark Decks into your professional development and coaching plans, and explore strategies for incorporating “on the job” learning into your staff’s everyday practice. You’ll also learn how to use Spark Cards as any easy way to give your staff constructive feedback and concise advice.

Workshops for
Program Staff and Educators

Our workshops allow participants to practice and go deeper into the tools and activities presented in Spark Decks. Workshops are available on any of the topics in Spark Decks, including:

  • Positive Behavior Guidance
  • Common Core Language Arts and Math
  • Back Pocket Activities
  • Building Social and Emotional Learning Skills
  • Incorporating Reflection
  • Supporting English Language Learners
  • And more!

Workshops for
Parents/Caregivers, Parent-Leaders, and Parent-Support Professionals

We offer workshops for parents as well as training-of-trainers for staff and parent leaders – so that you can run the workshops yourselves! Topics include:

  • Creating a Math-ful Home Environment
  • Building Social and Emotional Skills
  • Supporting Positive Behavior at Home

We offer bulk and workshop discount rates on Spark Decks as part of our workshop packages.  Contact us to help us put together a package that works for you.

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