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Did you know that making even a small change in the way you live your life can have a huge impact? Here are examples that may sound familiar to you:

  • Want to be healthier? Switch from drinking soda to water at lunch.

  • Want to feel more calm? Walk more slowly from meeting to meeting.

  • Want to be more connected? Call a good friend to chat at least once a week.

Evidence shows that focusing on just one little “micro-practice,” as in the examples above, can cause immediate ripple effects that will positively impact your effectiveness and sense of well-being. Watch the short video below to learn how the micro-practices in our Spark Decks can be used to support growth in an afterschool program.

Our Decks

Save Time

We understand that making time for personal and professional improvement is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, your children, and your staff, but that finding time to make it happen is often impossible.

Save Resources

Each Spark Deck features 52 bite-sized “micro-practices” that introduce quality strategies into homes and schools. These hands-on ideas are designed to be implemented by individuals or teams with minimal resources or prep time.

Make a Lasting Impact

Pull a card and see why so many educators and parents are turning to Spark Decks to help make their life and work easier! For bulk ordering discounts, please contact us.

Back Pocket

For educators and parents, this “Back Pocket Activities” deck offers a variety of ideas for when you have some extra time on your hands. Waiting in line, at the end of the day, during transitions – pull one of these Sparks to keep youth engaged and having fun!

Facilitation Foundations

Our “Facilitation Foundations” deck offers strategies to help you run engaging meetings, workshops, and learning activities that empower participants and motivate them towards action.

Building Social and
Emotional Skills

CASEL-Aligned Version

Our CASEL-aligned “Building Social and Emotional Skills” cards offer a variety of techniques and activities to build and support those personal qualities that lead to goal setting, planning, perseverance and teamwork.

Self Care for
Youth-Serving Professionals

Our “Self Care for Youth-Serving Professionals” deck offers a variety of ideas for keeping yourself calm, healthy, and energized when working with youth. Pull a card and let it “spark” your journey to being your best self.

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