Reflection Prompts for Youth

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The “Reflection Prompts for Youth” deck offers a variety of questions to encourage youth to reflect and share.  There are many ways to use this deck, including quick writes, circle time, or partner talks.  Pull a card and implement a “spark” today.



Because there is never enough time to do professional development with your staff, the “Reflection Prompts for Youth” Spark Deck provides 52 meaningful ideas to support staff as they carry out thought-provoking conversations and writing sessions with their groups.  Questions posed in this deck can be answered as quick writes, during circle time, or between pairs of youth.

The questions in this deck are designed to be appropriate for grades K-8.  Hand a different card out to staff each day and invite them to ask the debrief question at the end of the day to help youth get to know each other, think about their learning, and practice speaking and listening!

Some examples from this deck:

  • What is something you want to be better at?  Why?
  • What did you do to help a friend or classmate today?
  • What is something unexpected that happened today?

At the end of program time, check-in with your staff to see if they were able to implement the reflection question.  If they tried it, how did it go?  What did they learn?  What did their group learn?  If it didn’t work today, try it again tomorrow.  What could they change to make it work better?  You can use the Spark Decks Journal Page to make this even easier!


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