Our decks

We understand that making time for personal and professional improvement is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, your children, and your staff, but that finding time to make it happen is often impossible.

  • Offer quick and easy ideas (micro-practices!) for improving your educational practice or parenting skills
  • Require minimal materials or preparation
  • Are fun for you AND your kids!

Each Spark Deck features 52 bite-sized “micro-practices” that introduce quality strategies into homes and schools. These hands-on ideas are designed to be implemented by individuals or teams with minimal resources or prep time.

Pull a card and see why so many educators and parents are turning to Spark Decks to help make their life and work easier!

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“What I appreciate most about Spark Decks is the intentional focus on the end-user. Spark Decks are easy to use, account for the fact that there is limited time and resources and best of all, the activities help the adults to be creative and think outside the box. These activities are meant to be idea starters… the lesson does not need to end once the activity is completed, it is only the beginning.” 

Danielle Jones, Trainer and Technical Assistance Provider

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