Common Core Language Arts for Early Elementary

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“Common Core Language Arts” cards offer fun and easy activities that address standards for Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.  Pull a card and implement a “spark” today.



Because there is never enough time to do professional development with your staff, the “Common Core Language Arts” for Lower Elementary Grades Spark Deck provides 52 fun ideas to build staff skills in implementing activities aligned to the Common Core standards, while staff are on-the-job.

Designed to be used in afterschool and summer programs, the activities are appropriate for grades K-8.  Hand a card out at the beginning of program time, and ask your staff to implement one of these fun learning activities that build literacy skills!

Some examples from this deck:

  • Ask your group to brainstorm activities (e.g. spin in a circle, touch your toes, jump five times). Write each activity on a large strip of paper. Mix up the strips, select one at a time, and have your group read and follow the instructions.
  • Ask your group to share the pros and cons of allowing candy as a snack in your program and write down their responses.  Help youth use the pro/con list to write a short argument for or against candy as a snack.
  • Make a “Talking Stick.”  Ask each member of your group to write one rule for listening on a colored strip of paper.  Glue the papers around a paper towel tube and use the stick to give turns to speakers whenever you are holding important group discussions.

At the end of program time, check-in with your staff to see if they were able to try out the activity.  If they tried it, how did it go?  What did they learn?  What did their group learn?  If it didn’t work today, try it again tomorrow.  What could they change to make it work better?


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