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According to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2017 LGBTQ teen survey:

  • 77% of LGBTQ teenagers surveyed report feeling depressed or down over the past week; Ninety-five percent of LGBTQ youth report trouble sleeping at night; More than 70 percent report feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness in the past week;
  • LGBTQ youth of color and transgender teenagers experience unique challenges and elevated stress — only 11 percent of youth of color surveyed believe their racial or ethnic group is regarded positively in the U.S., and over 50 percent of trans and gender expansive youth said they can never use school restrooms that align with their gender identity;
  • Only 26% say they always feel safe in their school classrooms — and just five percent say all of their teachers and school staff are supportive of LGBTQ people;
  • Sixty-seven percent report that they’ve heard family members make negative comments about LGBTQ people

According to CDC data taken from the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior (YRBS) Survey of LGBTQ students:

  • 10% were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property
  • 34% were bullied on school property
  • 28% were bullied electronically
  • 23% of LGB students who had dated or went out with someone during the 12 months before the survey had experienced sexual dating violence in the prior year
  • 18% of LGB students had experienced physical dating violence

Spark Decks wants to work with you to change the narrative for our youth!

What We Plan to Do: Through the Allyship Project we plan to guide a fun, reflective and collaborative process where youth identify promising practices (develop their own Spark Cards) that can help their peers and caring adults support them as allies, and create a related process to ensure the implementation of the practices in their communities. To do this, we plan to:

  • Facilitate the creation of a youth-generated Spark Deck on Allyship, via
    • Our participant-centered group Spark Deck-creation process (in-person sessions), and
    • An anonymous online portal where youth can submit ideas

We anticipate participants will come up with everything from, “Stand next to someone you see being bullied,” to “Join your school’s GSA,” and everything in between. As with our other Spark Decks, this deck will contain 52 cards, each with a small idea that anyone can implement.

  • Facilitate the development of an accompanying youth-led training (peer facilitation model). This workshop will emphasize how to help peers use the Allyship Spark Deck to support their classmates, friends, and community. In addition, our Spark Decks Notebook will help youth leaders keep track of their successes and challenges as they engage in a cycle of experiential learning about allyship and leadership.

Audience: We anticipate most participants will be in middle and high school, but we welcome younger participants as well. We are currently finalizing partnerships, including GSAs, youth groups, afterschool programs, etc. from across the Bay Area.

Timeline Overview:
Summer – Fall 2019 Schedule and deck-creation sessions with partners
Fall – Spring 2019 – 20 Roll out peer-led workshops, add additional partners

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