Spark Decks Notebook

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This Notebook is designed to accompany our Spark Decks, and provides a structured and helpful way to make the most of the cards in your work as a parent, educator, or youth development professional. The templates inside the Notebook will help you use Spark Decks to uncover solutions to home or classroom challenges, explore new practices to improve your skills, and reflect on your progress.

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How do I use the Notebook?

There are many possibilities! One way is to use this process:

  1. Identify an are you’d like to improve in. Complete the Planning Page of the notebook to guide your thinking on how to improve in your chosen area.
  2. Next, use the Commitment Page to identify which Spark Cards you are going to try. Write down any challenges you anticipate and how you might overcome them.
  3. Try out the cards with your children or youth!
  4. How did it go? Reflect on each card you try using the Journal Reflection Page.
  5. When you need some new ideas, turn to the next Planning page to start the process over again.



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