June 2019

Are you ready to create participant-centered spaces that enable everyone you work with to deeply learn, share, and succeed? Join our “Raise the Room” Leadership Circle this Fall! Click here to learn more, and here to apply.

Join our Allyship Project! Read more about how your youth can step up into a leadership role in this new initiative by clicking here!



Tools to Engage Parents and Caregivers: As parents ourselves, we are fully committed to including caregivers in every young person’s learning team. Our three new parent decks focus on math (offered in English and Spanish), Supporting Social and Emotional Learning at Home, and Supporting Positive Behavior at Home. If you are planning to increase parent involvement in the coming year and are thinking about offering workshops or peer support groups, get in touch and we’ll help you make it fun and meaningful!

Or visit our new For Parents page to learn more!

Facilitation Blog

Location can make a huge difference in participants’ experience in a meeting or class. Read about how you can maximize your location options in this recent post from Eva’s blog.
If you often facilitate meetings, workshops, or events, this blog’s for you! And check out our Facilitation Foundations deck for quick ideas you can use to improve your engagements!